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Age of Farming

According to the labor department in a study completed in 2014, the median age for farmers and ranchers is 55.9 years. This is a 30 year trend in the aging of working farmers.

Certainly, there are many factors that could be involved, that  vary from region to region. An article released in 2014 contributes this to the price of land and equipment skyrocketing.
Everywhere from Michigan to Connecticut is seeing a decline of the farmer, with a direct result to an aging population. Yet, some places are attempting to overcome this gap by utilizing new “matchmaking” services – connecting young farmers with elder ones, for land share.

The truth is, this is a nationwide problem. Despite this, media makers are attempting to draw attention to and attract a new generation of farmers to take over the important role of feeding our nation.

While On The Farm will connect a new audience with New England farmers, others are taking a creative approach and lending a voice to the next generation of agriculture “entrepreneurs”. ┬áCheck out this short film, and let the farmers speak for themselves:

Let It Burn

Bonfire burning at the farm in December. Year end is upon us.

Let’s see what 2016 brings!

Bonfire On The Farm

Time For Thanks

Herding Thanksgiving Dinner
Herding Thanksgiving Dinner

Best practices for sustainable Thanksgiving eating?

  • Know where your bird comes from.
  • Buy a heritage bird, or organic.
  • Buy a local bird.
Have You Met Your Local Farmer?

Join the movement. Visit your local farm today and say hello to your Farmer.

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